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Sensoreal contains a variety of features that our clients can take advantage of. 

Interactive Touch
Screen Software

Sensoreal interactive touchscreen software is designed with a focus on user experience to enable visitors to learn a great deal about a companies products and services, in a short amount of time, and feel genuinely inspired.

The software is able to capture leads for the sales team, provide downloadable info for the users to take-away, contains a full CMS and can integrate to other web services.


Content Management System

Sensoreal features an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to upload and manage touch screen content.

It can host all product information and specs, along with images, videos and copy.

It contains a great tool for sales agents, with new great features on the way.



Sensoreal can send key information and content to your website, via a web feed. This enables us to provide visitors with a consistent experience when they access your website, and also reduce the need for duplicated content.

The feed could contain property data (lots & buildings for sale), educational videos and content, tourist attractions or business information and content.

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Sensoreal can integrate with your CRM to capture & nurture leads.

Sensoreal currently integrates with Salesforce, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

We're also happy to do complete custom development for you to integrate with any platform or system that your business uses.

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The Sensoreal team can also create a website for your project or campaign that can integrate seamless with Sensoreal.

We can then integrate the website into any of your existing platforms (CRM, Analytics) and give your team the keys manage the content, or we can manage it all on your behalf.

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Internet of Things
(IoT) Ready

Sensoreal contains tools that enable it to integrate with other technologies to enhance the visitor experience.

Sensoreal can output video to multiple large displays, connect with sensors to automatically trigger content upon visitor detection, output music to audio systems, and more.

Also, if you have an IOT need. Let us know and we can make it happen.

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A modern set
of Features

Sensoreal utilises features that everyone is now familiar with, these include:

  • QR codes for take-away content.

  • Virtual fly-throughs for property or places.

  • Favourites selection of products or services (to take away more info).

  • UI design based on user experience needs.

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Instant High
Definition Content

Sensoreal is located locally, at each physical activation site, and then synchronised back to our cloud services instantly when an update is made.

This means that our high definition content (videos, images) are instantly loaded when viewed by a visitor and therefore no delay will ever occur. This keeps the visitor engaged in the experience.

What's new

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Video Wall

Output multiple videos to the one display.

Sales Map

See a representation of lot availability status across several property development projects. 

Virtual Fly-Throughs

Integration with Matterport for virtual fly-throughs of properties or buildings. 
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Coming soon

  • Reporting module for deeper analysis of user interactions

  • Website campaign template to provide the best website template for client projects