Australian Tourism

Providing tourists with content and information around destinations, events, hot-spots, that enables them to discover their next adventure, like never before.

Transforming the visitor experience

Sensoreal creates amazing experiences for visitors, within the visitor centre, or designated hot-spot sites for tourists.

Sensoreal takes the mishmash of printed brochures, posters, maps and event boards, and consolidates everything into a digital platform that's perfect for visitors seeking their next adventure or stay.

The well organised structure provides a platform for people to explore and be rewarded with inspiring content that's always up to date, with automatic feeds from the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. A QR code can be generated throughout the user journey, and people’s favourite destinations points are assembled into one personal travel experience loaded directly and immediately to their mobile phone, embedded with direct links to make bookings.

The entire Sensoreal platform provides trackable results making it one of the most accountable tourism sector marketing tools ever to be created.

Tourist centres

Replace the need for brochures & leaflets. Sensoreal takes care of all the marketing material, in a way that's more engaging and inspiring than ever.

Interactive touch screens

The interactive touch screens allow users to discover all of a regions destinations & events in such a short amount of time. With rich content and a focus on usability to inspire and engage.

The best tourist spots, mapped out.

Add partnered tourist spots, locations, businesses to an interactive map that allows tourists to make the decision to visit, so much easier. Sensoreal is also integrated with the Aus Tourism Data Warehouse

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QR scan & go

Make a selection of your favourite destinations, events or hot-spots, scan the QR code, and take all the info away with you!

Sensoreal also tracks the every selection to provide data to regions.


Return customers? Yes please!

Sensoreal offers the ability to setup a marketing nurture campaign to encourage visitors to become customers, and then return customers!


Creative partner

Martins Brand House provide all the services required to transforms the physical space - from strategy, to design, to fit-out!

Create your next immersive visitor experience, with Sensoreal